Row, row, row your boat…

I was waiting in line for a club in Italy, but once we got in, everyone was leaving. Then, we were in a row boat – leaving the subdeck of an aircraft carrier – to row across a small stretch of ocean to my boss’s house, where we had to sweep up dog crap and the mess his animals had left while he was on vacation. When I returned to work, I typed up a paper explaining my argument as to why this didn’t fit my job description. While waiting for him in his office, I fell asleep and woke up the next morning to everyone coming in to work.

Are you dreaming?

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John Lithgow was Hunting Me

I haven’t written here in a while. The crazy dreams I had before have started to settle down some. But, apparently, not entirely. I dreamt the other night that John Lithgow was hunting me.

It was like a movie – John Lithgow and I (even though it wasn’t really me, it was just a character I was supposed to identify with) drove into a town and ended up being accosted by the locals. They were trying to kill us but then Lithgow started killing them. Then, he was on the hunt for me. I was hiding in the rafters when he found me. I asked if he could please wait to kill me. He told me I put up a good fight, so he’d wait while we ate bread.

Are you dreaming?

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FBI, Trailers and Science Experiments

I dreamt I was working at the FBI with my best friend’s husband, who happens to truly work in law enforcement. We were in the office when one of the main bosses’ secretaries came in. She starts reading aloud the results of a blood test my friend’s husband had. She’s telling everyone about his sexual history. At first we laugh it off, but then she keeps going. It’s getting really troublesome and my friend storms out. Then, Miley Cyrus, who happens to be working with us at the FBI, storms out. I walk up to the secretary and tell her what she’s doing is against the law, violating his privacy, and I intend to help him sue for all she’s got.

Then, I’m walking and talking with Miley, who has decided to leave a pair of shoes behind. I want them, but they’re not my size.

We are all of a sudden being chased by some crazy man who I’ve somehow previously injured. He has one leg. I’m in an RV and he’s ramming me in reverse with his RV. I don’t know what to do. My brother, who is outside the RV, tells me to spray the guy with a hose. I do it and the man jumps from the RV and runs. He’s really fast for a guy with one leg.

I get out of the RV, walk into a warehouse and find my boyfriend. I ask him where the kids are. He says they are safe. So, we start making out. I realize a woman with all this equipment is watching us. Then, it occurs to me that she’s supposed to be measuring our love-making for some sort of science experiment. But, we can’t stop ourselves long enough to be set up with the equipment. We go at it, then I lay there, safe in his arms. The lady says she’ll try again another time.

Are you dreaming?

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Out of Control

Had one of those nightmares last night, the kind you can’t easily wake from or shake off. I don’t remember the specifics of the first one, just the general idea that I was possessed. It was terrifying.

When I finally did get back to sleep and stopped dreaming about demonic possession, I dreamt there was a tornado headed right for me. I was walking with my toddler in my arms and we had nowhere to run. We weren’t near our house. A person finally came out and screamed for us to get inside with them. I tucked my baby close to me as we huddled in the bath tub while the roof was torn off the house.

When I woke up, I searched the meaning for possession and tornadoes in dream analysis. Both meant an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and feeling oppressed in a relationship with someone who has violent or angry outbursts. That about sums it up.

Are you dreaming?

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Trivia on board a Pirate Ship

I’m on a pirate ship with my mother who is quizzing me, trying to prepare me for an upcoming exam of some sort. I can’t recall exactly what the first question was, but I know the answer was “Alan Greenspan.” The second question, can’t recall that one either, but it was about exorcism. And, the answer was “Peggy Sue.”

Also, I dreamt before that I was on a long journey and arrived at a friend’s house, someone I knew when I was younger but now only talk to on Facebook. Her husband is blind. When I went into her house, he was the first person I saw. But, I was so hungry, I didn’t acknowledge him, and instead sat down and began eating pancakes. Then, when my friend, his wife, came in she introduced us and he was very offended that I hadn’t said hello and had instead chosen to eat the plate of pancakes.

Are you dreaming?

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Digging up the Old Family Tree

The dream starts with me taking my class on a field trip to see my Dad. We are at my old house, the one I grew up in that my parents have since sold. We are in the backyard under the shade of a huge tree,  the kind you see in Georgia. It is massive. But, it is unsteady. The branches are swaying, and the roots don’t seem to  be intact. I ask my dad if we are safe and he tells me not to worry, everything is fine. He gathers around all of my students to teach them how to make his famous iced tea. He starts by bringing us to the roots of the tree. He’s dug a huge hole beneath the tree and filled it with water. It’s about the size of a hot tub. He begins to throw in bags of tea and then he tells the students about his secret ingredient: hot cocoa packets. He throws those in too and tells the students to stir. They’re doing this by using their feet, shoes and all. He tells them they have to wait seven minutes to drink it. Then, he walks into the house and writes in his journal “For those who waited seven minutes, they loved it. Those who didn’t wait went into the house and threw up.”

Later that same night I dreamt I was eating a salad I’d made for my students and found a cut up razor blade mixed in with the lettuce.

Are you dreaming?

NOTE- This dream was actually from August of last year, but I just found it saved in my Drafts. Oops! Although, it’s a heck of a lot better than last night’s dream where I witnessed a triple homicide. No more watching “The Whole Nine Yards” before bed…

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Zombies or AIDS, you pick

I keep having two recurring dreams. In one, my husband has AIDS and I’m trying to care for him. In another, zombies are attacking. Or, they’ve just attacked and we’re trying to see if the zombie apocalypse is over.

Either way, both dreams leave me feeling incredibly restless.

Are you dreaming?

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